UCI Water PIRE is about to host two very exciting contests for local high school students. We hope these will be the first of many to come!

PIREWolf Productions Icon Contest

3585PIREWolf Productions is a video program that facilitates the interactions between grade school students and our researchers and friends of UCI Water PIRE. But we are in desperate need of an logo to help make this program more official. Because PIREWolf Productions was born out of a collaboration between Water PIRE and The Academy Firewolves (hence the name), we are asking the Designs students at The Academy to design a logo for us that embodies the spirit of Water PIRE with its many connections and goals and honors the origins of PIREWolf Productions. We are excited to see what these students come up with. Check back in with us soon to see the winner and runners up!


The contest has ended and been officiated! Please see below for the results:

Winner (David L. – both pictured):

Runner-Ups (Picture 1: Marcos M., Esmerelda G. | Picture 2: Raymundo R., Alejandro L. | Picture 3: Eileen L., Harrison V.)

The Legend of San Joaquin Marsh

In collaboration with the UCI San Joaquin Marsh Reserve, high school students at The Academy are again being asked for their help and creativity. To help deter unwanted visitors to the San Joaquin Marsh, students are being asked to write a legend for UCI Water PIRE and the San Joaquin Marsh Reserve System to promote. Trespassers beware! The Firewolves are on the case! We are looking forward to reading these creative and cautionary stories. Check back in with us soon to read the winning legend.

Thank you Firewolves!